Develop your technological business with MegaFon
MegaFon Sandbox
is a platform for startups
allowing quickly testing hypotheses,
piloting and implementing
new solutions in MegaFon
What do we offer?
Internal business customers who manage the pilot at all stages
Fast Track
Simplified contracting procedure
Covering pilot expenses
Technical sandbox
Access to infrastructure and data for the pilot
Sales channels
Joint product creation in B2C and B2B
Retail Lab
A store laboratory for testing retail technologies
What solutions are we looking for?
We carefully study all applications. We are especially interested in:
B2B and B2C telecom-products
Voice and text services
Games and entertainment
Security, etc.
Development of the MegaFon mobile application
Tools to engage users and increase MAU
CJ and UX improving services
New marketing tools and channels
Automatic preparation of advertising templates
Services for optimizing advertising channels and improving the efficiency of marketing processes
Customer experience
Development of service at all points of contact with the user
NPS increasing tools
Customer segmentation and recommender systems for selecting relevant offers Enriching customer data
Speech, text and other types of analytics
Retail efficiency
Services to increase the average check and conversion
Automation and outsourcing of business processes - HR, sales, logistics, procurement, legal services, finance, etc.
Infrastructure development
Solutions for data centers and networks
Energy efficiency
Data security
What should you have before interaction?
Your product is already
passed the MVP stage,
has first sales
You have a clear
and measurable case
for collaboration

The pilot can be implemented
within 90 days

The team is ready to pilot
and scale the solution

Our results over the first year
applications received

companies selected for iBoard

pilots approved and launched

pilots already completed

cases are already being scaled

champions interested in working with startups

The path from first meeting
to scaling


up to 30 days

Looking for a champion
Developing a pilot plan
Preparing the presentation for iBoard


up to 90 days

Testing the product in real time
Checking the hypothesis performance
Evaluating the economy effectiveness


Implementing the solution in MegaFon
Building a long-term partnership
Decisions to launch pilots are made by the Innovation Board every month
Team leader
B2C development
Dmitriy Rudskikh
Director of Data Management
Vitaliy Cherbakov
Director of Service and Customer Experience
Igor Doronin
Business Development Support Director
Igor Glebov
IT Director
Dmitriy Khomchenko
Team leader
Open ecosystems
Anna Pchenichnikova
Director of Strategy and Business Development Department
Aleksander Sobolev
Meet the Sandbox Team
Senior analyst
+7 916 256 00 08
Diana Yarosh
Head of Innovations
+7 925 905 23 15
Fyodor Fomin
+7 985 113 93 13
Elisaveta Feldman
Kirill Seredenko
+7 953 345 35 97
Evgeniy Melanin
Senior analyst at Sandbox
+7 925 696 43 67
Victoria Shaulskaya
+7 915 452 35 82
MegaFon is a company of digital opportunities and occupies
a leading position in the telecommunications market
in Russia

million clients
4 000+
retail stores
>35 000
at number of base stations
at speed of mobile internet
in Russia
in Russia introduced 3G, 4G, LTE,
LTE Advanced
MegaFon Innovation Team and Community of MegaFon сhampions
actively participates in acceleration programs as mentors,
prepares reports at specialized startup-conferences
Venture partners
Are you an investor who wants
to test a portfolio project at MegaFon Sandbox?

Email us to start collaboration
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